High Street Baptist Church

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Our Pastor
Ministerial Staff

Rev. Broady
Rev. Wilson

Worship Services

Hear the Word of God and celebrate the goodness of God by attending our weekly church services.

Church Programs

Here at High Street Baptist Church,
we make it our mission to save souls and provide supportive outreach programs to those in need. Join our worship service
now and be closer to Jesus, our Lord.

Learn about High Street Baptist Church and Our Facility

Learn about High Street Baptist Church & Our Facility founded in 1884, High Street Baptist Church is a historical Christian ministry considered to be one of the oldest churches in Roanoke, Virginia.  For more than 131 years now, we have been continuously providing transformative activities through our Anchor of Hope Community Center @ HSBC and to people who are in need. Start dedicating your life to God now by attending our purposeful programs and activities.

Learn More about High Street Baptist Church

Contact our committed Christian ministry in Roanoke, Virginia, to
know more about our supportive drive and programs for the community.