Women's Ministry Supports a Heart-Health Research Project

Women “Got Moving and Got Energized”—a health and wellness workshop and third session of the heart-health research project, sponsored by The Roanoke Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. This workshop was held in the Anchor of Hope Community Center on February 20th.  The Women’s Ministry partnered with The Links, Incorporated to bring their Signature Program—the HeartTruth Campaign® and “HeartLinks to Heart Health” project, to our community.

The morning started with free health screenings and a nutritious continental breakfast, followed by two (2) educational and motivational presentations on healthy weight and physical activity.

Link Verna Lewis, M.D., medical advisor for HSBC’s Health Unit and Onawa Allen, health coach of Virtuous Health Today, educated approximately fifty women about the heart-health benefits of moving. Both speakers gave practical suggestions on how to incorporate more physical activity into our daily routines and how to achieve a healthy heart and weight. Then, certified Zumba instructor, Eunice Khetani, got women moving with family-friendly Christian Zumba.  Women of all ages had a great time working up a sweat to fun and wholesome music and movement.

To top off a great morning, Pastor Churn and First Lady Karen welcomed attendees, prayed blessings over the delicious, healthy salad bar prepared by Sister Dorothy Chapman, then closed the workshop with blessings on continued health to all.

Beauty Winners
Heart-Health Research Project Heart-Health Research Project Heart-Health Research Project
Heart-Health Research Project
Heart-Health Research Project

Workshop Participants
Christian Zumba

Pam Edwards
Thanks Certified
Zumba Instructor
Eunice Khetani (below)

Heart-Health Research Project

Heart-Health Research Project

“The Roanoke Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is one of six (6) chapters throughout the nation that received grant funding to provide “With Every Heartbeat is Life” training here in the Roanoke Valley”, according to Rhonda Poindexter, Research Project Chairperson of The Roanoke Chapter of The Links, Incorporated (pictured right). She continued to inform participants that this program is directed at increasing awareness of heart disease and prevention among African American women because heart disease and stroke remain the #1 cause of death among women, even though these diseases are largely preventable. Ms. Poindexter ended by thanking Pastor and First Lady Churn for promoting communication of this message in the community; thanking the Women’s Ministry and Pam Edwards, chair of the Women’s Ministry for its support of this project; thanking the presenters for communicating the message, and thanking the attendees for their participation!

Many thanks also to our other partners—Kroger, Walmart, and WomenHeart of Roanoke Valley for making this program a success!

Heart-Health Research Project

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