Purposeful Church Programs & Outreach Activities 

Celebrate the goodness of God by attending weekly church programs at High Street Baptist Church in Roanoke, Virginia. We also have community outreach programs and ministries to help reach those in need.


•    Deacon Board
•    Trustee Board
•    Sunday School
•    Courtesy Guild
•    Educational Services
•    Willing Workers
•    The Foundation’s Endowment Board
•    Youth Council
•    Women’s Ministry
•    General Missionary Society
•    Usher Boards
-   Adult Usher Board
-   Intermediate Usher
-   Junior Usher Board
-   Senior Usher Board

•    Pastor’s Aid Society
•    Floral Club
•    Senior League
•    Athletic Council
•    Golden Age Club
•    High Street Baptist Church’s Federal Credit Union
•    Saints Committee
•    Brotherhood Club
•    Nurses Corps
•    Anchor of Hope Community Center @ HSBC  
•    Music Department

-   Sanctuary Choir
-   Male Chorus
-   Unity Choir
-   Senior Choir
-   Mass Choir
-   Youth Choir
-   Interpretive Praise Dancers
-   Power and Praise Team
-   Voices of High Street Baptist Church

Outreach Activites

We are commited to reaching out to our community and assisting those in need. To provide better outreach to our community, we upgraded our facility to add a computer lab and WiFi through-out our facility. We distribute food boxes to persons in need every Thursday and during our holiday season through our Food Pantry. We also distribute clothes through our Clothes Closet during our Back-to-School event annually.